Run intelligent email campaign

Use Email-Bot and convert cold leads into nice and warm clients

E-mail intelligent bot

Cold mailing

Add email lists to the platform and discover who is interested in your products or services. Use email bots and automatic replies to bring your sales closer to the end.


Use email bot to automate your e-mail communication with clients. Reply with automatic intelligent answers to clients questions and forward them!

Email automation

Add leads to system and let it make the lead warmer for you. Use API to integrate it with any sales solution on the market

Add intelligence to your email

With simple pattern programming and sentiment analytics

Mailing bot

Easy to setup! No need for technical knowledge here, just add your email accounts and that's it!

No reputation risk! We're working on your email accounts! The end user see the emails coming from your mailbox

Start sending intelligent e-mails

It's totally Free to start, after 30 days you decide how much you want to pay us!

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